Conveyor Systems

Zero Line Pressure Accumulation 

Product is gapped by using sensors and 'zoning' the conveyor system. Great for distribution or sorting lines. 

Belt Conveyor

Belt conveyors provide higher levels of precision and stronger grip on product. Also used for moving bulk materials.

24VDC Rollers

De-centralised drive system brings benefits of control and flexibility, along with cost-saving over traditional belt systems.  

Sortation Conveyor

There are many types of sortation conveyor hardware such as sorter units/ merges/ transfers, and these can often accept mixed types of loads. 

Chain Conveyor

Heavy-duty conveyor often used to transport pallets. Driven by a chain for power, this can also be integrated with transfers. Also good for dirty environments.


Economical solution for conveyance, this type of conveyor is also safe for operators working closely with it due to the way the bands can stretch/ slip on the rollers.

Powerful, Robust Grove Automation Software Library blocks can be used to quickly configure all types of conveyor systems. 

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