Navigating Legacy Controls: The Importance of Engaging Grove Automation for Equipment Obsolescence Surveys.

In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial automation, legacy control systems can pose significant challenges. As technology advances, older programmable logic controllers (PLCs) become obsolete, leading to operational inefficiencies, cybersecurity risks, and increased maintenance costs. To address these issues, businesses must proactively assess their legacy equipment and plan for migration or upgrades.

The Growing Problem of Obsolescence

  1. Standardisation Challenges: Legacy PLCs often lack standardisation across control devices, networks, and databases. This lack of uniformity hinders seamless integration and efficient operations.
  2. Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities: Outdated systems are more susceptible to cyber threats. Without regular updates and security patches, legacy PLCs become easy targets for malicious actors.
  3. Skills Shortage: As technology evolves, finding skilled personnel to maintain and troubleshoot legacy systems becomes increasingly difficult. The scarcity of legacy PLC programming skills can lead to downtime and reliability issues.
  4. Higher Maintenance Costs: Aging equipment requires more frequent maintenance, driving up operational expenses. Additionally, sourcing spare parts for obsolete PLCs can be costly.
  5. Limited Control Capabilities: Legacy systems lack the features and capabilities of modern controllers. Businesses miss out on efficiency gains and process improvements.

Why Choose Grove Automation?

1. Expertise in Legacy PLC Migration

Grove Automation specializes in migrating legacy PLCs to modern solutions. Our team understands the intricacies of legacy systems and can seamlessly transition your control infrastructure to newer platforms.

2. Retaining Intellectual Property

We recognise the value of your existing intellectual property. Our migration strategy ensures that your proprietary logic remains intact while upgrading your control systems. You won’t lose critical functionality during the transition.

3. Interoperability and Integration

Grove Automation’s PLC Migration Solution offers full interoperability between controllers, third-party devices, IOs, instruments, and SCADA systems. You’ll have complete visibility of your processes and centralised asset management.

4. Updated Electrical Schematics

Grove Automation can survey your current system and update/ redraw electrical schematics in the latest ePlan P8 software.

5. Proven Cybersecurity Measures

Our solution includes built-in control firewalls and robust cybersecurity protocols. Protecting your systems from threats is a top priority.

6. Connectivity and Asset Integration

Grove Automation ensures seamless connectivity with vendors’ assets. Whether it’s variable frequency drives (VFDs) or other components, our solutions integrate effortlessly.


Engaging Grove Automation for a legacy controls equipment obsolescence survey is a strategic move. By addressing obsolescence risks, you not only mitigate downtime but also position your business for future growth. Don’t let outdated PLCs hold you back—embrace modernization with Grove Automation.

Remember, not everything improves with age, but your control systems certainly can! 


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