Emulation by Grove Automation - 'Parity' 

Grove Automation's own in-house Emulation software is built using bespoke scripts to reduce errors. Our Emulation models are built using a Unity platform and fully functional 'Physx' physics engine for true product behaviour. 

PLC code can be fully FAT tested tested offline, remotely, in order to prove out logic and resolve issues. 

Add Value to Your Tender/ Project

Improve your project win-rate by showcasing your system at tender stage with a Parity Emulation model; your Client could also be fully immersed with a VR headset to explore it themselves. 

Project cost-savings can be made by commissioning software before going to site. 

Project value can be added by using the Parity Emulation as a Digital-Twin/  3D SCADA.

Test System Dynamics

Test and prove product flow through the system before any physical build takes place, reducing the chance of expensive errors or miscalculations.
Check for snagging points and bottlenecks, and prove throughput rates can be acheived.

Increased Operation Time

Train system Operators on the Parity Emulation model without interrupting system operation or having down-time.
Productivity can be maximised by testing production scenarios for maximum efficiency results.

Contact Grove Automation to see how Parity Emulation can benefit your business

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